OBEG Fire- and Explosion Investigation – When results matter

Fire is an extremely distressing event. Along with the emotional and financial impact, the consequences are often immense.

As an independent forensic investigation firm, OBEG fire and explosion investigations conducts investigations in , amongst others, buildings, vehicles, ships, business and industrial complexes. After consultation, the investigations are followed by an objective (judicial) and conclusive report on the origin and cause of the fire.

OBEG’s mission is to centralise the investigation process, keeping you involved and working together with you for the best possible result.

In order to provide you with a reliable and well-researched advice, you can be confident that the investigations will be performed by experienced and qualified specialists who are up to date with the most recent developments in their field. Our investigators receive regular training to improve the quality of their fire and explosion investigations and use the most modern analyses methods and software applications.

Alongside performing the actual investigations, OBEG also provides training and advice in the area of fire damage and prevention.

OBEG is available 24/7 and our team of technical and tactical specialists are located all over the Netherlands and can be deployed in a short period of time, both domestically and abroad.

Specialisation and domestic network

OBEG’s strength comes from working exclusively with experienced professionals in many research disciplines. A wide scale of specialisations are covered via a domestic network:

  • Vehicle fires
  • Marine fires
  • Fire in electrical installations
  • Domestic fires
  • Industrial fires
  • Fire prevention and safety

OBEG’s network provides excellent service by offering high quality scientific and engineering advice from internationally certified investigators.

Global network

OBEG is part of BMT (www.bmt.org), an international player in the area of engineering and technology. Through BMT, we have direct access to a network of 1,500 specialists, spread over 66 offices worldwide.

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